Our Mission is to encourage conscious living, engage human potential, and empower self-mastery in pursuit of health, happiness, and a higher quality of life.

Our Vision is to empower humanity’s next level of evolution.

At Living Well Therapies, we believe in good health, the power of human will and the value of people as an “Asset” to themselves, their family and the world community. Our programs offer an integrated mix of individual, community and work-site wellness solutions focused on whole person wellness and Mind-Body-Breath training.  Our objective is to empower optimum human performance through training people to consciously exercise healthy choices and self-control.

As a member of the Conscious Living Community™, you will begin developing the skill and discipline to more effectively control your physical, mental and energetic potential so you can realize better health, a more balanced quality of life and improved performance results in every area of life.

Through our Conscious Choice Change™ (CCC™) work-site wellness program we can help your company increase profits, improve return on payroll and maximize your investment in human capital.  When you are using Conscious Practice™ you are exercising your conscious mind muscle to strengthen self-awareness and dismantle limiting beliefs, unconscious reactions and learned habits that have costly consequences.

According to cellular biologist Bruce H. Lipton, PhD. Author of Spontaneous Evolutions and the Biology of Belief, Humans on average operate 95% of the time from the sub-conscious, programmed, habitual mind and only 5% of the time from the conscious, thinking, creative mind.

The Conscious Choice Change™ Curriculum is a system of self-mastery and consciousness training.  Founded on the understanding that every intended human result is delivered trough the controlled and deliberate function of the Mind-Body-Breath. Our Conscious Practice™ Activities, Products and Services are designed to provide you with the training, support and resources to help you reach your full potential.

With Conscious Practice™, you can…
Improve Your Performance Results through training the Mind;
Improve Health and Vitality through training the Body; and
Improve the Quality of Your Life through training the Breath