Tai Chi

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Classes are designed to harness the power of your potential and help you produce better results!

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Tai Chi and Qigong represent a type of Conscious Practice™ that helps YOU to develop self-mastery!

Those who practice Tai Chi and Qigong are members of a growing community of people seeking self-mastery and a better quality of life through Mind-Body-Breath practice.

Tai Chi and Qigong is training technology based on the understanding that conscious control of your mental, physical, emotional and energetic state of being human is essential to living healthier, living more on purpose and living up to your potential in every area of life.

Tai Chi and Qigong are life enhancement exercises done very slowly with smooth, flowing motions so that anyone choosing to improve their life can participate.

The founding principal is that by controlling Mind-Body-Breath as a unit and at an extremely slow pace, your normal responses become intentional.

With Tai Chi and Qigong the increased level of intention causes you to become more aware and conscious of your capabilities and thus more in control of living your potential.

The only real control is self-control!

With Tai Chi and Qigong, you will learn… the skill and discipline to change your life experience, for the better, by changing yourself for the better!