The Conscious Choice Change™ Curriculum is a system of self-mastery and consciousness training.  Founded on the understanding that every intended human result is delivered trough the controlled and deliberate function of the Mind-Body-Breath.

Conscious Choice Change™ workshops are delivered in 3 phases over 6 or 12 consecutive 1 hour onsite training sessions.

Our Mind-Body-Breath practices form the foundation for changing the conscious choices that improve your health, quality of life and performance results.

  • In Phase (1) we focus on the Body for Health Enhancement

Your Body is your primary means of productivity and the way in which you respond to the commands of your mind.  This program is designed to help you maintain good health, improve physical wellbeing, activate your body’s natural ability to heal and reduce the long term cost and on going need for medical treatment.

  • In Phase (2) we focus on the Breath for Stress Reduction

Your Breath is the vital energy that keeps your mental, physical, and emotional existence alive with capability. This program is designed to teach conscious breathing skills to calm the mind, relive tension, ease anxiety, better manage emotions and reduce the negative effects of stress.  You will return to work feeling relaxed and reinvigorated with only minutes of practice.

  • In Phase (3) we will focus on the Mind for Performance Maximization

Your Mind is the creative resource that gives you the ability to manifest what you think about and create intended results. This program is designed to teach a gentle yet practical form of moving meditation to help you activate mental concentration, increase focus and enhanced positive thinking to improve your performance results on the job and at home.