Qigong – Health Enhancement and Performance Maximization Practice –

PRICE:  $25.00

Qigong can be explained as the practice of coordinating body and breath in a meditation of graceful movements designed to activate your natural  intelligence for healing and self empowerment.

Consisting primarily of physical movement, meditation, relaxation, mind/body integration and breathing exercises to enhance health and longevity, Qigong is considered by many to be the Ancient Chinese Healing System for the Western 21St Century.

The word Qigong (pronounced “chee gong”) is a combination of two ideas:

• “Qi” means breath or energy, the vital life force or energy of the body.

• “Gong” means work or movement, the practice of cultivating the self-discipline to control your vital energy.

With Qigong, You Will Discover Your Personal Power to:

• Improve Your Mental Alertness & Concentration

• Boost Your Energy Level, Stamina and Immune System

• Learn Proven Skills for Managing Stress on Demand

• Improve Your Posture, Skeletal Alignment and Flexibility

• Gain the Ability to Better Manage Chronic Health Conditions and

Nearly 90% of all disease is preventable.  Qigong is a proactive disease management system without medication. Healthy people produce more, cost less and feel better.

Prevention is not medical intervention; prevention is living wisely and making healthy choices.

Qigong is a wise living empowerment tool!