At Living Well Therapies our programs are designed to:

  • Empower Individual Health Responsibility
  • Reduce the Negative Effects of Stress
  • Improve Human Performance Results

Conscious Choice Change™ for each individual is a personal evolution in training conscious control of self!

Conscious Practice™ works to strengthen your self-awareness and build the confidence to dismantle negative programming, limiting beliefs, unconscious reactions and learned habits. It is the practice of exercising the conscious mind muscle to help you make choices that will compliment your intended results.

When a human being improves self-control a new level of potential evolves to produce better results in every area of life!

According to Bruce Lipton cellular biologist and author, 95% of all human activity is performed with the sub-conscious, redundant programs of the habitual mind; only 5% of human activity is the result of the conscious, thinking, intentional and creative mind.