At Living Well Therapies, we believe in good health, the power of human will and the value of people as an “asset” to themselves, their family and your company.  For large, medium and small companies competing in a global market, work-site wellness programs are growing in popularity as an investment because healthy productive employees increase company profits and decrease company costs.

From BP and Harris County to Career and Recovery Resources, innovative CEO’s realize that the best results come from creative, dedicated people empowered to deliver their best.  Insightful CFO’s are investing in people that feel good, think clearly, and make rational choices.  Progressive HR directors are embracing a philosophy of prevention over treatment and self-responsibility over incentives and punishment to reduce the cost of providing benefits and boost employee  productivity.

At Living Well Therapies we offer integrated work-site wellness solutions that  systematically train each participant to develop the skills and discipline necessary to change the choices and habits that are affecting their health, quality of life and performance outcomes.

With the Conscious Choice Change™ program our objective is simply to increase the value of your company’s investment in human capital, improve your company’s return on payroll and reduce your long-term cost of providing benefits while minimizing the harmful effects of stress in the work place.

Conscious Choice Change™ is our flagship worksite workshop designed specifically as a lifestyle and behavior modification system.  This unique and innovative program is focused on empowering your employees to a sense of self-responsibility through education, practical application and Mind-Body-Breath training.

At Living Well Therapies we believe that learning to master the Mind-Body-Breath is the path to feeling better, looking better and doing better in every area of life:

  • Our rational is that every intended human result is delivered through the controlled & deliberate function of the Mind-Body-Breath.
  • Our approach is to train your people to cultivate conscious control of the physical, mental, emotional and energetic state of being human so that they function at their best.
  • Our system of teaching leverages group dynamics, peer influence, auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning styles to encourage immediate utilization and long-term retention of the skills learned.
  • Our training and online system of support is perfect at the work-site and suitable for any age, state of health or physical condition so that everyone can participate and anyone can improve.
  • Our classes encourage a culture of wellness and team work while being fun, experiential, and interactive.
  • Our programs are designed to integrate with and enhance the benefits of your existing wellness initiative with no adverse impact on your current investment in wellness.
  • Our results are measurable and produce both immediate and long term benefits for your employees and your company.

We have a proven history of post program results derived from our unique Self-Evaluation Assessment™ (SEA™).  Your employees responses are averaged and charted to reflect their answers in 7 categories indicative of self-motivated, self-responsible, health conscious and productive employee.

With Conscious Choice Change™, your employees will;

  • Improve Performance Results through training the Mind;
  • Improve Health and Vitality through training the Body; and
  • Improve Quality of Live through training the Breath

At Living Well Therapies, we are looking forward to your call and we are eger to be your partner in the process of improving the mental, physical, emotional and energetic well-being of your employees as an investment in the future financial health of your company!