Conscious Life Coaching

Conscious Life Coaching is a healing-journey on the path to self-awareness, living on purpose and effectively managing yourself in harmony with what is.  

Conscious Living is a process of conscious self-governance that lasts for a lifetime, it is never subject to theft and it cannot be outsourced.


It is the personal cultivation of a set of skills that will help you to access and activate the powerful healing potential of your mind, body and breath applied to every situation, circumstance, condition and person in your life. 


Conscious life Coaching is designed to help you tune in, pay attention and live your highest human potential in each present moment. 



What are Hands-On Healing Therapies?


·     Reflexology (Ears/Face/Hands/Feet) 

·     Deep-Tissue Muscle Release Accu-Pressure  

·     Medical Qigong for Trauma, Tension and Energy Clearing 


Personal Coaching – Introduction to Conscious Self-Governance:

1-month | 4-weeks | 6 hours

| 4- 90-minute sessions

| 45 minutes to develop a personal Qigong or Tai Chi practice

| 45 minutes of hands-on healing therapies

| $2,250 Value

| $1,500 trial period.

| See how it works for you. 


Platinum Level Coaching - Cultivating Conscious Self-Governance for Life: 

2-months | 8-weeks | 16 hours

| 8- 2-hour sessions

| Each consisting of 60 -minutes of personal practice and/or conscious life coaching

| 60 -minutes of hands on healing therapies

| $6,000